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The Panorama 1453 Historical Museum is a historical museum in Istanbul that was opened on 31 January 2009. The museum is located across from the spot on theTopkapı-Edirnekapı ramparts. The museum is a panorama painting about the conquest of Constantinople. Here the visitor will witness a scene of the Fall of Constantinople, in particularly the moment the Ottoman troops broke the Byzantine defences of the city. After the fall, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II, gained the title of Fatih (conqueror). The painting surrounding measures 38 meters in diameter and covers an area of 2,350 square meters.

Chora Church of the Holy Savior in Chora is one of the most beautiful Byzantine churches still in existence today. Originally built in the 5th century, it was part of a monastery complex that stood outside the old city walls of what was then Constantinople. The name “Chora” refers to that location and even after it was mostly rebuilt in the early 11th century, the church retained the name.


Istanbul Archaeology Museums consist of three museums. Those are Archaeology Museum, Old Eastern Works Museum and Enameled Kiosk Museum.
Istanbul Archaeology Museums, which were established as Müze-i Humayun (Empire Museum) by the famous artist and museum director Osman Hamdi Bey at the end of the 19th

century, were opened to public on June 13, 1891. Besides its importance as the “first Turkish museum”, it has an importance and specialty of being one of the museum buildings that are constructed as a Museum in the World. Today, it still protects its outstanding place in the World’s biggest museums with its works more than a million belonging to various cultures.

In the museum collections, there are rich and very important works of art belonging to various civilizations from the regions from Balkans to Africa, from Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Arab Peninsula and Afghanistan that were in the borders of the Ottoman Empire.

The Rahmi Koç Museum, which covers an area of close to 20,000 square meters on the shores of the Golden Horn, is the first and only museum in Turkey to explore historical developments in the fields of industry, communication, and transportation.

While at the museum, you can experience the joy of carrying out a variety of scientific experiments first hand. For example, you can discover exactly what technology a washing machine uses. Indeed, the museum offers educational information for visitors of almost every age.


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