Antalya Side Half Day Morning Tour

starting from € 45

09:00 am-13:00 pm (4 hours)

Side Antique City lies on the narrowest part of the peninsula and the central side of Side. Although the theater plan has a Hellenistic tradition, the building has a Roman architectural tradition in structure. The Theater of Side is a unique example of this type of structure. Skenae Frons has a three- storey colonnade façade. The façade decoration has a characteristic of Antonine Period. In the first storey  the Dionysos Friese can be seen.

Further along the road is the amphitheatre, which is now being extensively renovated, is now being used again for concerts in the summer months. On the right hand side of the road are the Roman baths, now used as a museum. On display is an excellent collection of Roman period statues, busts and sarcophagi that were unearthed during the course of the excavations. The statues are in very good condition and depict mythological figures such as Hermes, Heracles and Nike.

Manavgat Waterfall like many is not high with foaming white water rushing powerfully over the rocks but a horseshoe shaped one with water gently falling in Manavgat River.
There is a communal area situated next to the waterfall where photographs of the scenery can be taken. The shady tea garden, restaurants and craft stalls at the waterfall make it a pleasant, cool resting spot where people can have a picnic and a great day out to spend with the family.
It can get a little busy on a hot summer’s day but it’s easy enough to be able to walk upstream to avoid the crowds and relax.


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