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Our vessel is designed with the features mentioned above with scenario abilities defined below.


Hydraulic Movable Platform Scenario


When the disabled person is on the wheelchair, he/she will be able to get on the platform without any help via electronic sensors integrated in the system, and descend to the level they want manually by using a controller on the platform. They will be able to get into water down to their waist level or just to cool their feet. Also, those who cannot use their hands or their fingers can control the system the way they want by voice commands to vessel's crew.


Hydraulic Movable Pasarella Scenario


A disabled person will be able to transfer himself/herself to the pasarella at a reasonable level from their movable platform, and rehabilitate themselves above and below the sea level without any help by moving the pasarella to a certain distance from the vessel by 180-degree moves thanks to motion sensors integrated in the system. Also, those who cannot use their hands or fingers can control the system as they wish by voice commands to the vessel's personnel as explained above.


Hydraulic Movable Seat Group Scenario


If a disabled person wants to move himself/herself from the wheelchair to the seat groups located on the vessel, they will be able to set the height of the seats by the remote control or touch screen inside the vessel which controls the pistons raising the sitting surface of the seats, and move themselves comfortably to a seat. They can also move to the wheelchair easily by raising the seat when they want to do so. Moreover, are unable to use their hands or fingers can control the system as they wish by voice commands to the vessel's personnel as explained above.


Hydraulic Lift Scenario


With the systems described above, a disabled person can move to every floor on the vessel by using the lift inside the vessel. They can move safely by automatic doors present on each floor. Also, those unable to use their hands or fingers can control the system as they wish by voice commands to the vessel's personnel as explained above.


Cabin and Common Area Control Scenario


When they are in cabins or common areas, a disabled person can control multimedia, entertainment, and reading system equipment via interfaces integrated in touch screens located on these areas, creating a different atmosphere. They can also control the cabin temperature by using these interfaces. They can use European-style automatic toilet units in WC sections through this system, and turn on and off direct or indirect illumination systems or make them brighter or dimmer via this control panel. Again, by using a menu integrated in these touch screens, they can observe the cruise broadcast on digital screens mounted on some spots on the vessel.


Fault Indicator Scenario


All designs mentioned above can be controlled over a main control panel, and in case of a malfunction, they will allow immediate response by spotting such malfunctions by malfunction lights thanks to digital equipment (such as touch screens, etc.) both on the control panel and devices installed the system. In case of a malfunction in this system, a warning will be sent to the general alert system of the vessel and will be indicated on the main alarm panel where the disabled person has encountered a trouble, thus allowing immediate response.




Year of Construction : September 2012

Full Length : 21, 50 m

Full Width : 5, 50 m

Number of Decks : 3

Number of Guest Cabins : 4

Guest Bed Capacity : 8




  • 4 handicapped and 4 non-handicapped guests

  • The layout of the adjustable beds an other can be changed

  • In each cabin beds for both handicapped and non- handicapped are available




In each Cabin,


  • 3D TV

  • DVD

  • WIFI

  • Air Conditioning

  • Interphone

  • Warning  and Emergency Button

  • WC and Bathroom

  • Electronic appliances control system accessible from bed via the Ipod Touch


All equipment is accessible and easy to use, and designed specifically for the disabled



Main Deck




  • Fully accessible

  • Seating group can be controlled to level (heighten or lower) via an electronic system

  • Manual height adjustment facility

  • 3D TV

  • Air Conditioning

  • WIFI

  • iPod touch can also control the system



       Aft Deck


  • Fully accessible

  • Outdoor cooling system

  • Large Terrace

  • Swimming  with wheelchair possible on the hydraulic platform



       Fly Bridge


  • Fully accessible

  • Can work with sea water or fresh water  Jacuzzi in 2 meter diameter

  • Sun Terrace

  • 3D  (72" * 72") projection cinema system

  • Outdoor cooling system


Important Information


  • Pasarella designed for guests with disabilities or full access

  • A guest on wheelchair can be lowered to 1m down in the sea through the hydraulic platform

  • Elevator inside the Yacht, can rise to every deck without any obstacles



Tour Plans



Tour 1: Fethiye to Kemer (August 3-October 10,2015)                 € 17.500 Tour Price (1 to 8 People)                                        


Arrival : Dalaman Airport

Departure : Antalya Airport

Transfer: Dalaman Airport to Fethiye Marina

Transfer: Kemer Marina to Antalya Airport

Tour duration: 5 Days

Sailing time: 3 to 5 Hours per day

Tour details: Fethiye – Kalkan

Kalkan – Kekova

Kekova – Demre

Demre – Adrasan (Çavuşköy)

Adrasan – Olympos

Olympos – Phaselis

Phaselis – Kemer


Tour 2: Bodrum to Fethiye (August 3-October 10,2015)                € 19.000 Tour Price (1 to 8 People)                                       



Arrival : Bodrum Airport

Departure : Dalaman Airport

Transfer: Bodrum Airport to Bodrum Marina

Transfer: Fethiye Marina to Dalaman Airport

Tour duration: 7 Days

Sailing time: 3 to 5 Hours per day

Tour details: Bodrum – Datça

Datça – Marmaris

Marmaris – Dalyan

Dalyan – Fethiye


*Guests can choose one of the tour options above

*The routes can be reversed in each tour i.e in Tour 1 instead of Fethiye to Kemer,Kemer to Fethiye is possible




Notes and Services


  • The transfer fees from Airport to Yacht and from Yacht to the Airport are included in the total price

  • Fuel is included

  • All Inclusive (Food and Drinks are included)

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Afternoon tea with Cake included in the total price

  • Marina entrance and check out fees are included

  • For mooring overnight The Port Charges are included

  • Only local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided

  • Guests will be assisted to step on the land

  • Adapted transfer vehicles are available

  • Boat crew is 4 people (Captain,Chief and 2 Sailors)

  • Max.2 wheelchair users and their helpers

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